B2B vs. B2C

Have you ever heard of the terms “B2B” and “B2C” when discussing companies or marketing campaigns? You may wonder what these abbreviations stand for or how they are different. “B2B” refers to organizations that conduct business to business operations. Common examples of “B2B” companies include Salesforce, Intel, General Electric and the American Marketing Association. “B2C” organizations are primarily focused on reaching out to consumers, such as Kohl’s, Mercedes Benz, Delta Airlines and Starbucks.

The general differences between B2B and B2C marketing campaigns tend to relate to the sales cycle, target market, as well as the overall purpose and goal for engaging in marketing. B2B companies emphasize the importance of building relationships with their customers to encourage satisfaction and future purposes. They tend to carry out longer sales cycles while maintaining a smaller, more focused target market. On the other hand, B2C organizations care more about expressing the benefits of the product instead of developing personalized relationships with their consumers. The sales cycle is shorter while the target market for B2C companies is larger than in B2B marketing operations. B2C marketing campaigns appeal to consumers’ emotions that impact their purchasing decisions which contrasts B2B attempts to attract the rational buying decisions utilized by other businesses. Rational business decisions relate directly to business goals, budgets and their experiences with other companies. Consumer purchasing decisions are motivated by human needs and emotions such as price, desire, comfort, hunger and shelter. It is important for companies to understand what influences their target market because it results in more successful marketing campaigns.

Prepare1's Social Media Coach displays the differences between commonly used B2B and B2C social media platforms.

Prepare1’s Social Media Coach displays the differences between commonly used B2B and B2C social media platforms.

If you would like to learn more about B2B vs. B2C marketing, read this article published by Blair Evan Ball: http://www.prepare1.com/social-media-platforms-b2b-b2c/


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