Successful Superbowl Advertisements

Selecting some the most successful Superbowl advertisements is not an easy or objective task. After careful consideration, I have chosen to highlight a couple of my personal favorites and explain why I believe they demonstrate successful marketing.

In this advertisement, children of different ages and ethnicities are presented interacting with their fathers. Dove displays various real-life scenarios which capture a wide audience of potential consumers. Their message that “Showing that he cares makes a man stronger” invites fathers to consider purchasing Dove Men + Care products because it implies that they will in turn become stronger. The overall images of happy children engaging with their fathers represents Dove in a favorable light and promotes a supportive view of masculinity. Since “Women make or influence 85% of the purchasing decisions in families and purchase over 50% of traditional male products,” it is very possible they will buy Dove Men + Care in hopes their spouse will display similar positive masculine behaviors with their children.

Budweiser has been utilizing animals, specifically Clydesdale horses, in their advertisements for a number of years. The company displayed consistency in their advertisements by continuing to include horses in their most recent campaign during the Superbowl. This marketing tactic appeals to animal lovers and increases brand continuity. The unique friendship displayed between the puppy and the horse is memorable and appeals to human emotions. The choice to include a female and male in their commercial indicates that Budweiser products can be consumed by either gender. Viewers who love beer and puppies will most likely consider purchasing Budweiser because they will remember this advertisement and believe the company maintains similar values to their own.


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