What Customers Value

In order for a company to be successful, it is important to brainstorm who their target market of consumers will be and what they will value. According to the service quality model, there are five common values that almost all customers care about. First and foremost, customers want to ensure they have made their purchases from reliable businesses that follow through with their promises and advertisements. Successful companies are the ones that deliver a product or service consistently and dependably for their clients. Secondly, customers care about responsiveness and expect the business to provide prompt service. If a company is late to a scheduled event for a customer or they do not communicate when expected, the customer could perceive the business as unprofessional or untrustworthy.

Customer Values

Thirdly, customers that receive assurance from companies are more likely to engage in future business. Assurance involves an organization’s ability to convey trust as well as maintaining knowledgable and courteous employees. The fourth common value shared amongst customers is empathy. Businesses that have employees who display empathy and demonstrate they care about their customers will end up with a higher customer retention rate. Lastly, customers value the use of tangibles presented by a company. Tangibles can include physical evidence of a service, such as tools and equipment used for the customer. I recommend keeping these five common values in mind when communicating with customers and brainstorming marketing activities.


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