Weather Based Marketing

Greetings fellow marketers! I am currently experiencing the wrath of snowstorm Jonas so I figured now is an appropriate time to post about weather based marketing. I recently came across a compelling article published by Morgan Jones on Jones explains that the definition of weather based marketing (or advertising) is the “Practice of targeting consumers by local weather [past, present or future]”. In the case of inclement weather (such as a blizzard), I believe it makes the most sense for businesses to focus on future weather. Inclement weather poses a problem for many consumers and companies that can present a solution with their product or service will prove most successful in the days prior to the harsh weather.


Ann Taylor: Weather Based Marketing

Retail stores and people who plow would benefit from early advertising to increase their sales leading up to an unpleasant snowstorm. I personally do not understand how businesses can utilize past weather based marketing unless the weather incident occurred very recently in the past. For example, some companies may offer a “we survived the storm discount” to entice consumers to purchase a product they may believe will help them after a storm or better prepare them for the next one.  The businesses that utilize a present weather based marketing strategy are typically those that are openly seeking customers during the severe weather. Consumers gain a greater appreciation for food establishments that remain available for delivery during wacky weather.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10_36_24 AM

DiGiorno Pizza & Weather Based Marketing

Marketers should consider ways to connect with their consumers on an emotional level, such as the tweet DiGiorno Pizza posted during the blizzard of 2015. Humanizing posts on social media is one of the most effective ways for a business to engage with followers and simultaneously appear different from their competitors. I recommend you click to read Jones’ complete article because it is filled with interesting tips on weather based marketing!


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