Marketing Philosophies

Before discussing how to create a marketing campaign, it is important to highlight the different competing philosophies that influence the marketing processes. Companies that choose to focus more of their marketing efforts on production believe in highlighting the internal abilities of their business. These types of firms strive to prove what they can do best as a company instead of focus on the market’s current needs or desires. Another marketing approach that tends to disregard the market’s wants or needs is the sales orientation philosophy. Organizations that prefer to take the sales orientation route base their marketing on the concept that high sales result in high profits, meaning consumers will purchase more goods and services if companies pursue aggressive sales techniques such as advertising and selling. Conversely, companies that undergo marketing orientation strategies focus on satisfying the customer’s values while also striving to meet objectives set forth by the firm. While sales orientation techniques target the entire population, marketing orientation efforts focus on a target group of consumers. Societal marketing orientations take the unique approach that persuades individuals to believe in a good or service that is beneficial for society in the long run. These types of marketing campaigns seek to satisfy the market’s wants or needs while also improving overall society. The differences in marketing philosophies reflect the organization’s focus, overall goals and the target audience of consumers.

The Four Competing Marketing Philosophies

The Four Competing Marketing Philosophies



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